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Brief History of Fresh Air Galaxy

Fresh Air Galaxy is a locally owned community supermarket. We strive to be the best supermarket in our area with a hometown touch. Our goals are to provide excellent customer service and great deals in all of our departments. Our grocery department offers a variety of national name brands at great prices and an assortment of items that others just don’t carry.

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Quick Recipes

  • Kimchi Avocado Quesadilla
    Kimchi Avocado Quesadillas

    What’s your go-to 15-minute make-it-from-what’s-in-the-fridge recipe? Mine is a quesadilla. Any kind of quesadilla. You’ll always find tortillas and cheese in my fridge. It’s my PB&J.

    The great thing about quesadillas? They’re so easy to dress up! Whether it’s with chicken and apples, mushrooms, green chiles, or in this case, kimchi—spicy Korean pickled cabbage.

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  • Big news! Simply Recipes joins Fexy Media (and what this means for you)

    Hi everyone! I am thrilled to announce that Simply Recipes is joining forces with Fexy Media, the company behind Serious Eats and Roadfood!

    When Fexy Media first approached me last fall with the idea that they would be interested in buying Simply Recipes I was intrigued.

    Over the last 13 years I’ve poured my heart into this site, writing stories about my family and friends, sharing favorite family recipes and developing new recipes that I hoped you, our readers would enjoy.

    Although Simply Recipes may seem like a big company with lots of people, mostly it’s been just me, Jesse Gardner who takes care of the tech side of things, a few occasional contributors like Hank Shaw, and my friend chef Kathi Riley who cooks with me a couple times a month.

    The best part about becoming part of Fexy Media is that now we’ll have more resources at our hands to help the website grow.

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